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  • Jake Magneson

The Valley Land Alliance believes in agriculture and ecology.

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

As vernal pools dry out for the summer, rings of wildflowers bloom in the seasonal moisture, creating brief rings of color.

We strive to preserve farmland and the natural environment in the Central Valley and California as a whole. We believe that part of doing so means that we must begin to impact the culture of the valley and build awareness of the ecological problems we work to oppose. We want communities to know how and why their homes or neighborhoods experience new development that often lacks proper planning and foresight; existing only to line pockets of parties involved. Our lives are deeply connected to the land we live on and near; we are all invested and we all have something at stake when preserving the natural environment.

We want to use this blog to let us communicate to people and by doing so create a culture around ecology of understanding how private interests, government interest, and individuals come together to create impactful change near our homes.

We want this blog to be a means of communicating informally with those following major developments within and around the Central Valley of California. More than that we want a way to show that individuals make a difference in thwarting reckless development. We must remember that the Central Valley contains within it a vibrant ecology, and work together to preserve it.

“The willow submits to the wind and prospers until one day it is many willows—a wall against the wind. This is the willow’s purpose.”

—Frank Herbert, Dune

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