This past October we participated in the 6th annual Farm2U day. About two hundred 3rd graders participated. This year Valley Land Alliance gave a healthy soils presentation. After the brief five minute presentation we then helped them create their own super soil. We taught them about the four crucial ingredients needed to make a super soil: Water, sand, organic matter and air. Each student had an opportunity to participate in the activity. At the end of the day each class went home with their own super soil.

Parent Insitute

This February, Valley Land Alliance participated in the 2018 Parent Institute. This years slogan was, "Dare to Dream for a Better Life". Here we informed Central Valley parents and high school students of the importance of water conservation. Not only did we give a Healthy Soils presentation, in which people of all ages could participate in, but we also had a hamburger display. In the hamburger display we informed curious minds of the amount of water it takes in order to produce a single beef patty.   


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