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Our Mission is to Educate and Build Alliances to protect our uniquely productive California Central Valley Farmland.

Valley Land Alliance Goals:

  • Ensure safe, domestic food supplies.

  • Ensure that small-scale, family-owned, farming and ranching remain economically viable and attract jobs that complement a dynamic agricultural economy.

  • Advocate that future development incorporates and pays for infrastructures, such as roads, sewage systems, reliable water, and schools.

  • Support growth that is compact and maximizes density within existing city boundaries.

View of orchard and foothills from the Amtrack train
Corcoran clay, alluvial fan, mineral rich soil


We are a group of Merced County farmers, ranchers, and concerned citizens who want to make a difference for the next generation. We are alarmed by the pace and scale of development that has transformed our Valley. Our goal is to ensure the preservation of farmlands and grazing lands in Merced County and the Central Valley.  We understand the importance that visibility and education has on our ability to reach this goal.


We understand the importance environmental education plays in our ability to preserve agricultural lands. That is why we have hosted local forums, provided educational tours around the San Joaquin  Valley and offered a variety of family-friendly activities for people of all ages to familiarize themselves with the environment.  We publish a newsletter to keep subscribers informed.

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photo credit Jean Okuye


Help us make a difference in our Valley. Become a member today by making a donation!  Membership includes receiving our newsletters.  As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, donations are tax-exempt to the extent of the law.

Annual Donation

$25 Student, $50 Individual, $100 Family, and $100 Business

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VLA audio tour

photo credit Jean Okuye

"There can be no life without soil, and no soil without life; they evolved together."

-- Charles E. Kellogg

There are more soil microorganisms in a teaspoon of healthy soil than there are people on the earth!  Millions of species and billions of organisms—bacteria, algae, microscopic insects, earthworms, beetles, ants, mites, fungi, and more—represent the greatest concentration of biomass anywhere on the planet! Microbes, which make up only one half of one percent of the total soil mass, are the yeasts, algae, protozoa, bacteria, nematodes, and fungi that process organic matter into rich, dark, stable humus in the soil.

-- Taken  from NRCSUSA.GOV

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